The St. Paul Voice
The St. Paul Voice has a rich history of providing the best local news and advertising coverage for St. Paul’s West Side, West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Lilydale and Sunfish Lake. This newspaper was founded in 1966 with the intent of informing local residents of community news and events, and to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and organizations within the community. Today, we still accomplish the same goals as those of our founders but continually adapt to stay fresh and meet the needs of our readership.
The community we serve is very diverse both racially and socioeconomically and provides numerous exciting editorial and marketing opportunities that are atypical to community newspapers. It’s thrilling to know that the 46,000-plus people who live in the homes we distribute to each month trust us and look to us for information that helps them be better informed citizens and consumers.

The Downtown St. Paul Voice
We started the Lowertown News in 1994 to serve St. Paul’s Lowertown District, a neighborhood that achieved national recognition as one of the most vibrant and fastest growing urban villages in the United States. At that time there were 4,000 people living in downtown St. Paul, and most of them lived in Lowertown.
Today, more than 10,000 people live in downtown St. Paul in new and renovated apartments and condominiums, and high numbers of people continue to move to the city for its charm and convenience. To better reflect our desire to be the community newspaper for downtown St. Paul, we changed the name of the Lowertown News to the Downtown St. Paul Voice in June 2004. We are excited to provide a newspaper that meets the needs of the growing and vibrant downtown residential and business community.

South St. Paul Voice
Established in June 2004, this newspaper serves the community of South St. Paul, a suburban community with small town roots. Although it is located just minutes from downtown St. Paul, South St. Paul has held on to it’s own identity and continues to nurture itself that way. It is this sense of community pride that prompted us to answer the call of the residents and business owners who wanted their own community newspaper. Our editorial content focuses solely on the issues, activities and personalities of South St. Paul. This focus ensures high readership of your advertising message when marketing to the 20,000-plus residents of the city.

Member of theMinnesota Newspaper Association

La Voz Latina
La Voz Latina is a Spanish language newspaper that is delivered to key Hispanic centers in the Twin Cities; including homes, apartment complexes and businesses. It was founded in September 1997 to meet the needs of the fastest growing audience in the Twin Cities.
In 2003, the Hispanic population became the largest ethnic population in the United States, and demographers report that it continues to grow faster than the general population. According to Census data, the Latino population in Minnesota makes up approximately 6 percent of the state’s population. Two-thirds live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and 6 in 10 have their origins in Mexico. We are the only Spanish-language newspaper that is home delivered to the Twin Cities oldest and most established Latino neighborhood, St. Paul’s West Side. The West Side is home to nearly 5,000 Latino residents, and District del Sol, a vibrant Latino shopping district and site of the hugely popular Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.